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Please find a bunch of hand-picked links for everything related to Raspberry Pi

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Our Raspberry Pi Tutorials and Resources

Here we link resources to Raspberry Pi directly related to the device itself and/or projects on the Pi. There's plenty more pages on configuration tips for various software, for software & tools on the device and more.


A few articles introducing different hardware, concepts and summing up specifications.

Configuring the Raspberry PI:

A set of articles for setting up and configuring your Raspberry Pi.


Various 'recipes' on how to setup interesting software/hardware and use it in real life


Hats and Shields:

Links for interesting addons we use in daily development. A 'HAT' (Hardware Attached on Top) is a board you plugin on top of the Raspberry PI (that's why we have GPIO) to gain extra functionality. A 'Shield' is a similar concept, but for the Arduino.

Our Projects:

Here are more complex projects we have created while running our makerspace sessions.

Special Images:

If you want to download a Raspberry Pi image for a special purpose, say a media center or your blogging platform, check the links below. Images we have tested are listed below.

We are just scratching the surface in the above list. If you want more, just Google a bit. Here is an interesting link, if you want fast results: thibmaek OS Images - already sorted out and very extensive.


Interesting tools to use with / on your Raspberry Pi


Contains links for notable shops which also often provide interesting tutorial sections. If Amazon is not the thing for you, here are some more:

Curated Lists

Our list of resources is far from complete. Here are links to other lists.


News and General



Contains links pointing to specialized images for the Raspberry Pi


Autonomous Racing Projects

Instructables Projects

Guides and Blogs

Various tutorial sites and blogs