Raspberry Pi


Get inspired by this project. If you need some out-of-the-box functionality, try PressPi - just download the image and run. Tested at our makerspace.

Powered by Nginx & WordPress, This pre-configured Raspberry Pi Image will allow you to have your very own Blog / Website running on your Raspberry Pi in just minutes.

PressPi screenshot


  • Raspbian Base
  • B+ compatible
  • SSH: pi/raspberry
  • User: wpadmin / !WPadmin!
  • MySQL: wpadmin / !WPadmin!
  • Access PressPi: http://your_pi_ip_address/wp-login.php
  • Access PressPi: http://presspi/wp-login.php
  • Access PHPmyadmin: http://presspi:81
  • Access Raspcontrol: http://presspi/raspcontrol