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Welcome to Raspberry Valley

Welcome to Karlskrona, Sweden. The place where amazing Raspberry Pi Jams take place and where makerspaces are a common thing :) Heavily inspired by Raspberry Pi Jams, we started to focus on any maker topic, using Raspberry Pi devices, Arduino, BBC micro:bit, and other.

The ambition is to create things with open source hardware and to encourage the maker community in Karlskrona, Sweden. But if you're from the Blekinge area, join anyway - it's not so far away :)

Read about us in local press: One of our activities is cooperation with local schools. We are proud to be partners with for instance the Nättraby school, where we recently introduced Raspberry Pi education for children. Thanks to the great support of local teachers, these Pi sessions became reality:

Our activities are sponsored and run by Dynapac. Dynapac is part of the maker community, facilitating events that focus on knowledge sharing, that will ultimately enhance our community in this digital age.

The goal of RaspberryValley is to promote engagement and technical development of the future, using Raspberry Pi (and other devices) as an introduction to digital innovation. RaspberryValley jams pave the way for us as a digital community keeping us on the fore-front of technology.

Getting Started

So you have reached us and don't know where to start?

Please find below a bunch of links from our site which can make your life easier, if you are an absolute beginner. If not, simply browse - maybe an article or two might get you started ...

  • Inspiration Gallery - make up your mind which project might be a good start for you. Browse things you can do with Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Links - an overview of our articles and more
  • When Things go wrong - finally, if you have trouble with one of our recipes, try this page: you might find a solution to your problem

Where to Find Us?

You can find us on this site, or you can also check the following:


This site started as an experimental site of the R&D Systems team in Dynapac Karlskrona, to ease the use of Raspberry Pi (and many more SBCs - single board computers). Additionally, our ambition was to learn DevOps principles by doing: deploy documentation in our version control systems - generate automatic builds - deploy generated site to web page.

This site also provides reference and tips for using Raspberry Pi computers and similar Linux systems. We had a hard time learning how to handle the device, so there is no need you have to. As we use Rasperry Pi devices for prototyping, there is a great need to focus on the work and not on some setup issues. This is why this site was born.

You will find other articles in this place. If we were to focus only on Raspberry Pi we would be very boring.

Points of Interest

  • The actual documentation is written in MarkDown. Markdown is quickly becoming the writing standard. To get started with Markdown, check this great Markdown Tutorial - become a guru in 20 minutes
  • The site generator at this point in time is mkdocs.org. To learn how to use MKDocs, check this tutorial from SitePoint
  • Documentation is generated by the most simple algorithm available: individual tips are automatically added and shown in alphabetic order. We can do more, but the idea is throw in tips and have them shared as fast as possible. Check the search engine - it will help you find things fast without a rigorous structure
  • This site is designed to be responsive. It will work great on your mobile phone as well. Or tablet. Or other screen format. Check it out.