Microwave Radar Sensor RCWL 0516

The RCWL-0516 is a human body motion detection sensor. A sensor that detects, through induction, human body movement. With a range of roughly 7 meters, you can't go wrong in detecting intruders. And don't worry - there is no need to fear radiation - it emits less than your mobile phone does.

RCWL 0516 pins


"With the Doppler radar technology this is a microwave sensor module, which is specially designed for the detection of moving objects and human bodies. The module has many advantages such as high sensitivity, long sensor distance, wide sensor angle, high reliability, wide range the operating voltage. Popular into human body sensing lighting system, anti theft alarm system." [from manufacturer]

  • Operating Voltage: 4 – 28Vdc
    • Operating current: less than 3 mA
    • Output voltage: 3.3 V (from 3 V3 pin)
    • Maximum output current: 100mA
    • Detection range: less than 120 degree cone angle within 7 metres
  • Trigger mode: Trigger repeat
    • Response time: 2 seconds (the standard value), with soldering of the capacitor in various capacities to c TM pads, adjust to it.
    • Active level: High (if there is a touching memorial object recognition)
    • Output interface: 3 V3 (3.3 V supply Output), GND (Power mass), out (Output), Vin (Power Input), CD (sensor day wear by soldering on an external photoresistors on earth be turned off). If you do not plan to use more than GND/Out/VIN in general purpose applications.
  • Applications: Auto light, smart home, DIY projects