Raspberry Pi


We present a link page to interesting projects related to Lego. There are really only 2 categories: Lego used to build enclosures and components for our Raspberry Pi projects, and Lego modifications.

Our Lego homepage lists interesting links to our own Lego related projects, as well as key Lego projects with kits such as EV3. Coding and using these robots is similar to what we do and sometimes even overlaps.

Lego EV3

Here's a bunch of links for lucky owners of Mindstorms or EV3. Typically, we present systems which dual boot the brick to introduce Linux solutions for the kits. While we have not tested all systems from this section, we certainly did test a few. Enjoy

ev3 robot

  • ev3dev - the One to rule them all: an alternative system for your brick which allows you to use basically any language to program the EV3. Python included of course. /[tested by Raspberry Valley/]

Raspberry Pi EV3

These links show systems which typically replace the brick with something stronger (such as the Pi) and/or use the Pi as a component of a creation.

EV3 Solutions

A list of key links showing key tools for the 'standard' brick.

makecode intro

Lego Boost

The new kid on town is Lego Boost. You can do amazing things with the base kit, and the Lego development environment. What we are however interested in is coupling it with our Pi computers.

lego boost robot

Here are a couple of links to get started: