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Raspberry Pi 3 Pin Layout

This page covers GPIO pin layouts for Raspberry Pi and other SBCs. A quick reference to get you started on GPIO connections.

Below is a typical (Pi 3) layout for quick use. Check the links section to cover other models.

Please note that this layout is for Raspberry Pi B and Raspberry Pi B+, and further it works for:

  • Pi Zero & Pi Zero W
  • Pi 2 Model B
  • Pi Model B+
  • Pi Model A+

How do we know? We checked this great post: Simple Guide to the Raspberry Pi GPIO Header and Pins

Raspberry Pi 3 Pin Layout

Pin Layouts for Raspberry Pi and hats

There is a great site out there, which collects GPIO layouts, and further adds an amazing amount of Pin layouts for Hats from multiple vendors: Pinout. Apart from the Pin Layout scheme, you can also click on a pin to get more detailed overviews and extra data. This site is a must when you build stuff.

Recently, you can navigate visually on Pinout using their brand new Board Explorer. Navigate visually to see which hat uses which GPIO pins and even to find out compatibility across some hats. Awesome!

pinout board explorer